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rampant boredom

1. Name: Melody
2. Gender: female
3. Birthdate: 11/10/85
4. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
6. College: Stanford
7. Major(s): Bio for sure... Poli Sci, French or Art as a double

8. Number: 88, for the crazy 88's
9. Breakfast Cereal: honey nut cheerios. so yum. i eat five bowls for breakfast.
10. TV Show: fresh prince, my so-called life, daria
11. Sport: tennis
12. Movie: Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Ma Vie En Rose, Clue, Garden State, Empire Records, Ghost World, American History X, Eternal Sunshine, La Vie Revée des Anges, Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Fifth Element, Triplets of Belleville
13. Magazine: Scientific American, the New Yorker, US Weekly!!
14. Sunday Comic: Zits.
15. Color: blue
16. Season: fall! the equinox is upon us!
17. Bands/Singers: the postal service, the libertines, the shins, modest mouse... this list could go down three pages. i like everything from tool to billie holiday.
18. Type of Music: indie, rock, classical
19. Place to Hang Out: with the third floor boys!
20. TV Channel: the learning channel... *cough*
21. Fast Food: korean instant soup! pickles! muhammara! carne asada burritos!
22. Restaurant: Mel's Diner... oh man, tasty
23. Board Game: god, i suck at all games of skill so... shoots and latters
24. Books/Plays: Norwegian Wood, Lolita, All The Pretty Horses, A Hundred Years of Solitude, Interpreter of Maladies, Unbearable Lightness of Being
25. Favorite Subjects: bio is so lovely
26. Beverages: SlimFast is tastier than you'd expect
27. Websites:,
28. If you were to study abroad where would it be: a francophone country
29. Actress/actor: anyone lucky enough to be in a tarantino film
30. Best way to say hello: i kind of greet people with "margh"
31. What is your computer's wallpaper background: kobe fucking bryant!
32. Choose any celebrity to describe yourself: people have said i look like a blonde scarlett johansson
33. What do you hate the most? betrayal
34. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you take? a whole lot of painkillers
35. Describe yourself in one word: quirky
36. Your Strengths: being tall and swedish. oooh what. and i read books too.
37. Your Weaknesses: being flighty and unpredictable. having thug life armenia as an interest...
38. AIM SN: pkipsy
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